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WSO2 ESB MessageStore and MessageProcessor implementation for RabbitMQ

In this post I evaluated the level of integration of WSO2 ESB with different opensource message brokers such as Qpid, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ and WSO2 Message Broker. At the end, we got the conclusion that RabbitMQ is / was the most

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Squeezing the Sample 100 (Using WS-Security for Outgoing Messages) of WSO2 ESB 4.8.1

The Sample 100: Using WS-Security for Outgoing Messages is a great example to start learning with WS-Security, WS-Policy and how to deal with the security of SOAP webservices ….. but the problem is that this example does not work, also that

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Evaluación del nivel y madurez de integración de Message Brokers opensource con WSO2 ESB

En mi anterior post expliqué como usar Apache Qpid junto con WSO2 ESB (, un message broker ligero, potente y compatible con JMS y AMQP, en lugar de WSO2 Message Broker, un message broker potente, rápido, estándar y perfectamente integrable

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