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Gestión de Identidades y Accesos en las Organizaciones con WSO2 IS

Introducción a IAM (Identity and Access Management) La Gestión de Usuarios siempre es una funcionalidad requerida en las Aplicaciones Empresariales, el objetivo es crear, renovar, borrar, actualizar las credenciales con el cual un usuario puede acceder a la Aplicación y

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Starting with WSO2 Identity Server (Security as Service)

Some years ago I have used many open source tools to cover identity management projects, there was not a unique tool that allows me to cover the entire life cycle of identity management projects. Only as a sample, I list

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Web-SSO between a CAS-ified Java webapp and Liferay using CAS

1. Introduction When working a Liferay Portal in Organizations with existing web applications, generally new web applications will need to be integrated in current Authentication and Web-SSO service. This document explains how to create new java web applications knowing that

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Web-SSO between Liferay and Alfresco with CAS and Penrose (part 2/2)

The aims are to do authentication and web-sso between liferay and alfresco using CAS. In this blog post we will explain how to configure Alfresco to enable LDAP authentication and users syncronization, also we will explain how to configure CAS

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Web-SSO between Liferay and Alfresco with CAS and Penrose (part 1/2)

I know it, It is nothing new. But I always encounter this situation and I have always come back to explain again and again. The requirements are: CAS for Authentication and SSO. Web application to do SSO between they: Liferay

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Identity Management (IdM) in Portal, ECM and BPM Projects

When developing projects Portal, ECM or BPM, often tend to ignore authentication and authorization solution, and a solution that will store user identities. The Authentication, Authorization and Web-SSO solutions require that we have an infrastructure for Identity Management already installed

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