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Review: RIA Clients and RAD Frameworks for Alfresco ECM

Some days ago I saw a post on the LinkedIn’s Alfresco forums asking ‘Which front end framework is Generally used with Alfresco?’, for this reason I started to research and test them and discovered with joy that the trend is

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Calling Alfresco’s Webscripts from a Liferay Portlet using Ajax

I think that we are reaching the maturity level in Liferay and Alfresco, because we can create applications on top of them of fastly and easy way. Alfresco ECM has functionalities exposed as a RESTful API, as know as Alfresco

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La Evolución de un Programador

En el año 2001, en un foro encontré un post bastante divertido, se trataba de la Evolución de un Programador y cómo éste evolucionaba también el clásico programa llamado Hola Mundo. Para los no informáticos, Hola Mundo es el primer

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