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Creando un nube privada “low cost” con Proxmox VE 3.0

Actualmente existe una oferta muy rica de proveedores de infraestructura o hosting y proveedores de tecnología para sacar el máximo provecho de dicha infraestructura, aún más importante, a un coste razonablemente bajo usando tecnología free y open source. En mi

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Open files in Ubuntu as ROOT from WinSCP remotely

I would like to share a tip, frequently we need modify protected files (i.e. in an Ubuntu box) from WinSCP remotely, but sometimes that is impossible. If you have a non-privileged user and want to edit a root protected file

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Install Mirth Connect 2.1 on Ubuntu 10.10 with MySQL Server

Mirth Connect is a Service Oriented Integration Platform based on Mule ESB. Mirth Connect is specifically designed for HL7 (Health Level Seven – set of standards for the health messages exchanging) message exchange. Mirth Connect as a SOA Platform provides

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