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Provisioning massively cross-compiled binaries to Raspberry Pi (arm) using Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ansible and Python

If you are involved in an IoT or Mobile Application provisioning Project you probably need build a mechanism to spread your application binaries to all Devices on stock and to all the rolled out Devices. With this Proof-of-concept I will

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Wardriving with WIFI Pineapple Nano in Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona

WIFI Pineapple Nano is a nice tiny device to do Wireless Security Auditing. It has OpenWRT embedded as S.O. with 2 Wireless NIC pre-configured and a lot of Security tools pre-installed ready to perform a Security Wireless Auditing. For further

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Creating a VM with WSO2 servers for development with Vagrant & Puppet

This VM is suitable to develop with WSO2 products and puts focus only in the server side (WSO2 servers, mock server and different tools to host our microservices) and not in desktop side (Eclipse, SoapUI, Maven, etc.). Vagrant box –

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Creando un nube privada “low cost” con Proxmox VE 3.0

Actualmente existe una oferta muy rica de proveedores de infraestructura o hosting y proveedores de tecnología para sacar el máximo provecho de dicha infraestructura, aún más importante, a un coste razonablemente bajo usando tecnología free y open source. En mi

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Open files in Ubuntu as ROOT from WinSCP remotely

I would like to share a tip, frequently we need modify protected files (i.e. in an Ubuntu box) from WinSCP remotely, but sometimes that is impossible. If you have a non-privileged user and want to edit a root protected file

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Install Mirth Connect 2.1 on Ubuntu 10.10 with MySQL Server

Mirth Connect is a Service Oriented Integration Platform based on Mule ESB. Mirth Connect is specifically designed for HL7 (Health Level Seven – set of standards for the health messages exchanging) message exchange. Mirth Connect as a SOA Platform provides

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Eclipse Helios in Mac OS X 10.6.6

I recently bought a MacBook Pro (2 GHz Intel Core i7 with 64-bit kernel and extensions enabled) to develop with Java. First thing to do was updating Java and installing Eclipse IDE, but everything about Eclipse was very slow. So

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