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Provisioning massively cross-compiled binaries to Raspberry Pi (arm) using Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ansible and Python

If you are involved in an IoT or Mobile Application provisioning Project you probably need build a mechanism to spread your application binaries to all Devices on stock and to all the rolled out Devices. With this Proof-of-concept I will

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Wardriving with WIFI Pineapple Nano in Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona

WIFI Pineapple Nano is a nice tiny device to do Wireless Security Auditing. It has OpenWRT embedded as S.O. with 2 Wireless NIC pre-configured and a lot of Security tools pre-installed ready to perform a Security Wireless Auditing. For further

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Everything generates data: Capturing WIFI anonymous traffic using Raspberry Pi and WSO2 BAM (Part III)

After configuring the Raspberry Pi in monitor WIFI/802.11 mode (first blog post) and after configuring Raspberry Pi to send the 802.11 captured traffic to WSO2 BAM and Apache Thrift listener (second blog post), now I will explain how to create

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