With The Systems Thinking approach, We see any problem in a complete and holistic manner, in fact, it is possible to apply Systems Thinking Methodology to ITSec problems allowing to incorporate new variables (usability, trust, quality, risk, etc.) to the problem that before was not considered in the solution.

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  1. Chua Wen Ching says:

    Dear sir,

    Regarding your article here https://holisticsecurity.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/sso-liferay-alfresco-cas-penrose-part-12/

    a) Can Penrose to be installed on ubuntu 10.04 LTS? I can’t seem to find any resources online talking about installing penrose on ubuntu. And it seems penrose is only compatible with redhat and centos. Any help?

    I also hope your approach works on ubuntu too.

    b) I read your articles, really interesting.

    Actually I like to have a similar platform that liferay is the main portal and it can access to alfresco and openerp. I am thinking to use your same approach for web sso, virtual directory, etc. But the only problem is openerp is running on python, custom web server, postgressql .. does it make sense for openerp to integrate successfully with your approach? As far i understand, openerp has a ldap module to connect to ldap. But there is no CAS or sso out of the box for openerp. This can be a great challenge.

    I just want to gather some thoughts on this. Ultimately, I like to have single sign on.. login one time at liferay and can access all applications within it.

    Any help?


    Chua Wen Ching

    • Dear Chua Wen Ching,

      I am happy that this blog helps you.

      My 5 cents:

      a) Penrose is bundled for Red Hat/CentOS but you could to resolve all java dependencies and try to run on any Linux, because Penrose is a java app with opends as backend.
      Other option is download source code and build it. I did it and can get to run successfully.

      b) To integrate OpenERP is possible, you need change something as said in this forum:

      On Web SSO between Liferay and OpenERP is possible to do if all apps are Web Apps.
      Does not exist CAS-client for python but you could easily create your own.
      The CAs protocol is published here: https://wiki.jasig.org/display/CASC/CASifying+Applications

      If you need further information, do not hesitate to emailme o skypeme.


  2. Chua Wen Ching says:

    Thanks Roger :) for sharing, it will definitely guide me to the right direction :)

    Can I have your email address?

    Just wonder how you download the source code and build in ubuntu 10.04 lts server? any tips/guides for me to do this?

    As for OpenERP, I am using the web client. I will try to understand the link you provide me.

    As for the python cas, I will try to see whether I can come out with something too. May be a challenge, but gonna be fun :) Thanks again :) Appreciate your time :)

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