Running multi-container (WSO2 BAM & MAC Address Lookup) Docker Application using Docker Compose

In my 4 previous blog post I explained each part of this Proof-of-concept, they are:

  1. Analysing Wireless traffic in real time with WSO2 BAM, Apache Cassandra, Complex Event Processor (CEP Siddhi), Apache Thrift and Python:
  2. A Python Microservice in a Docker Container (MAC Address Manufacturer Lookup):

Now, in this blog post I’m going to explain how to run two Docker Containers, the WSO2 BAM and the MAC Address Manufacturer Lookup containers, by using Docker Compose.
802.11 traffic capture PoC - Docker Compose

// clone 2 repositories
$ git clone
$ cd docker-wso2bam-kismet-poc
$ git clone

// run docker compose
$ docker-compose up -d

Starting dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_mac-manuf_1
Starting dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1

Above, the diagram explaining this.

Now, if you want to run all together in a few minutes, just runs the Docker Compose Yaml file.
For a deeply explanation, follow the instructions on (

If everything is OK, you will get a huge amount of data (WIFI traffic) stored in Apache Cassandra and a simple Dashboard showing captured MAC Addresses and Manufacturer of the Wireless Devices (PC, Mobiles, WIFI Access Points, Tablets, etc..) around of your Raspberry Pi.

Visualising 802.11 captured traffic with the MAC Address Manufacturer

I hope you will find this blog posts useful.


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