Creating a VM with WSO2 servers for development with Vagrant & Puppet

This VM is suitable to develop with WSO2 products and puts focus only in the server side (WSO2 servers, mock server and different tools to host our microservices) and not in desktop side (Eclipse, SoapUI, Maven, etc.).

Vagrant box - WSO2 Development Server MapVagrant box – WSO2 Development Server Map

The main objetive is to have a VM with all WSO2 products installed and configured to be ready for development and following the most common Middleware infrastructure pattern used to create Microservices.

The naming used in hostnames tries to use pre-defined values what also will be used in Integration and Production Environments. The ports and offsets used do not follow any special rule.

The WSO2 servers and tools installed and configured are:

  • wiremock-1.57-standalone.jar

And they are deployed following the above map.
For further details can be found in my repository of Github for this project.

Enjoy it.



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2 comments on “Creating a VM with WSO2 servers for development with Vagrant & Puppet
  1. I have updated the Vagrant scripts. I have added the rTail puppet module to collect, track and visualize all WSO2 logs in a Browser.

    rTail ( is a simple nodejs app and is useful to visualize any type of logs in real time using and UDP.


  2. […] For this part I will use a Vagrant box with several WSO2 products pre-installed and pre-configured. I explained how to use It in this blog, for further details check that post […]

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